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Proactive Online Dating

Online Dating – Everyone Is Doing It

You may have heard a lot about online dating experiences from friend or colleagues – some good and some bad. The fact is that everyone is doing it but whether you’re successful or not is down to you. Online dating brings a whole load of new challenges to dating in 2013 but it is possible to find love online.

You Get Out What You Put In

Couple In LoveAll too often if you ask someone what they are actually doing to move their love life forward they’ll stare at you blankly. Success in any form whether it’s in business, health, relationships with friends or your live life all take hard work. Put simply you’ll get out what you put in. For example it takes time and effort to see friends and arrange social events etc… but we do it because the reward is far greater than they work we put in. Friends are hugely important to most of us and we value them greatly. So why are so many people not prepared to put the leg work in with finding a new relationship?

Be Proactive

Think about the last six months. How many times have you noticed someone and thought about asking them out but inevitably decided against it. Most of us are guilty of it more often than we realise. It costs nothing to smile and say ‘hello’ and often when the response is positive we still aren’t proactive enough to pursue it. The same applies to online dating. Granted it’s much easier to make contact with people online but all too often people simply send out a standard email ‘I’d love to get to know you, let me know if you want to chat?’ That’s really not going to get you anywhere. To succeed with online dating you need to be much more proactive and spend time finding out about the person and writing a personalised email that means something.

Pimp Your Dating Profile

That brings me to your own dating profile. When most people sign up to a dating site they’re annoyed by all the questions that you’re asked before you can even get to view the profiles. If you’re one of the users who skips as many questions as possible or writes the bare minimum then don’t expect to be successful with online dating. You should be spending a significant amount of time structuring your profile and making sure it’s interesting yet accurately represents you and what you’re looking for. No one is going to be interested in a profile that has very little information on it. Show that you are serious about finding love by creating a killer online profile.

Get On With Your Life

Don’t just think that once you’re profiles complete then that’s it. You need to revisit it often and update it with new hobbies or activities that you’ve taken up. This shows that you’re not only an active user of the site (there are often many dormant profiles) but also that you have a life and are living it – an attractive quality.


Another key is to engage with all the features of the site. Many dating sites are community based and have great features. Get involved with online forums, take part in online polls and get to know users in chat rooms. It’s not all about browsing profiles and sending emails. Users are much more likely to get in touch with users that have a high profile on the site.
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